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Outcomes: Organizations that work with us can expect their leaders to make stronger promises, manage accountability more effectively, coordinate more readily, increase capacity to be more self-generative, lead and sustain change, be more engaging, master the art of leadership language, be more adaptable, appreciate and utilize the talent around them more effectively, and find greater ease. When we work with you and understand your wants and needs, we will make promises to you and be willing to be held accountable to them.

Leadership Development: As people progress from relying mostly on their domain specific expertise and as organizations expand and change, new competencies in leadership are required. Our team can help guide what competencies are most needed, assess teams, and identify next steps and the necessary individual and team practices to increase coordination and success.

Management Training: The mid-level leaders are key to connect the vision and objectives from the organization to those who ultimately will face and fulfill on the needs of clients. As new talent emerges in the organization, our team can support the development of management competencies, including customer service, project management, accountability, and time management.

Leadership Recruitment: The best talent to fulfill objectives may currently reside outside of the organization. Our process includes a thorough understanding of the role requirements and how those translate into competencies. We search for both active and passive candidates that best align with the required competencies who can be a cultural fit to the organization.

Public Speaking: We are experts on many leadership subjects, including emotional intelligence, leadership presence, the language of leadership, generative accountability, resistance, governance, adaptive communication, and sustainable change. All of our leadership coaches are experienced, effective, and engaging speakers. Our speakers are engaging storytellers, who draw upon extraordinary professional, community, and personal experiences in their speeches.