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The three fundamental aspects of generative leadership:3fundamentals

  1. Compelling Presence:  Trust, authority, and engagement are created and endured through a leadership presence. Beyond “body language”, each leader’s presence is the successful intersection of purpose, ideas, and the bodily coherence to the intent desired.
  2. Effective Mapping:  People are led through an ability to map in their own mind what the leader is mapping for their vision of the future.  Like a navigator, the leader must create a common perception of the present state, the future possibility, and an understanding of the mountains to climb and the rivers to cross to gain success.
  3. Language:  Coordination occurs with greater ease when leaders master the language of action. When leaders can communicate in a manner that creates common understanding, including what effective action looks like and how each person fits into an initiate, people are engaged into accountability.

There is no single template of leadership.
Leadership is contextual to the leader’s gifts and the situation of the organization.

The challenge for leaders is:

  • To perceive what is needed for the organization to succeed with some precision.
  • To understand what is needed in their own leadership to be of service and to build the most important leadership traits.
  • To surround themselves with the necessary talent to round out their own talent gaps through developing others or recruiting talent.


Alpine Leadership is innovative in the way in which it helps
organizations and individuals:

  • Be engaged in leadership development.
  • Perceive themselves and others with greater accuracy and relevancy.
  • Map abstract situations to achieve practical results.
  • Access more power that remains engaging.

We are masterful at helping organizations:

  • Build and plan a compelling organizational vision.
  • Assess the talent currently available
  • Articulate the talent gaps needed
  • Involve and enroll people into a talent development with a generative process.
  • To be and act as the leader that will direct the imagination and efforts of others.

Alpine is an exceedingly nimble and adaptable organization, and can conduct its leadership work onsite, offsite in your locale, via video conference, or in the beautiful Durango, Colorado environs. Moving your team offsite and into the mountains creates a refreshing break from your people’s regular surroundings and can quicken the pace of growth in the refreshing environment.

 We Exist to Be Of Service