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Five Questions for Every Leader Every Day

 1: How will I present myself to be seen as trustworthy?   Many people characterize trust as a congruence between words and actions.  There is one other component to include in that congruence, and that is leadership presence.  A leader considers how they will “be” with others such that they believe a leader’s words and actions. … Continue reading Five Questions for Every Leader Every Day

Leadership Listening

Meetings are expensive. Take a moment and add up the collective costs of all of the salaries of the people in the room. That said, not meeting can be exponentially more expensive for missed opportunities, poor coordination, or risks not being exposed. Most leaders have had more education on how to speak and make presentations than on listening. What a waste, … Continue reading Leadership Listening

Permission in Leadership

Much of consumer branding is about granting permission to your customers.  When we exchange resources, we have to let go of one resource to get another, usually time or money.  Consumers like to know that they have permission. Let’s use a consumer product of beer as an example.  There are any number of analyses of beer … Continue reading Permission in Leadership