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Robust Conversations

Robust Conversation Mark Haeussler, CEO A robust conversation is a strong, healthy, and vigorous dialog.  Robust conversations welcome a high diversity of perspectives in address dynamic and challenging issues.  They hold the assumption that anyone in the room may have the greatest insight into an opportunity – not just from “experts”.  While there may include … Continue reading Robust Conversations

Executive Time

I am a proponent of being available for your employees, as it has the potential to increase cohesion, spontaneity, communication, and a sense of commitment.  The open-door policy has been widely advocated to bring people and ideas together in the moment.  The practice became highly rated, and some organizations strongly encourage open doors at nearly … Continue reading Executive Time

Optimism: Powerful Mojo

Optimism is organizing positively toward the future and having a disposition to react to issues with a sense of confidence. Optimism is not an excessively or blindly optimistic attitude, it is a foundational belief that the future can be better. Reuven Bar-On defines optimism simply as a positive attitude and outlook on life.  Optimism helps initiatives … Continue reading Optimism: Powerful Mojo