Robust Conversations

Robust Conversation

Mark Haeussler, CEO

A robust conversation is a strong, healthy, and vigorous dialog.  Robust conversations welcome a high diversity of perspectives in address dynamic and challenging issues.  They hold the assumption that anyone in the room may have the greatest insight into an opportunity – not just from “experts”.  While there may include effort to name an issue, problems are framed as starting points with the dialog transitioning into opportunity.

A robust conversation requires a strong blend of diverse voices and dynamic opportunities.  If your meetings tend to address safe issues and marginal change, then your conversations likely are not robust.  If, instead, your team is able to challenge (with dignity), invite perspectives from any corner, and address future-oriented opportunities, then you are further up the robustness scale.

Robust conversations require:

Confidence, a courage to speak thoughts.

Humility, a willingness to hear ideas that contradict our own perceptions.

Complexity, conversations that challenge perceptions and present with uncertain options.

Leading a robust competency takes talent and practice.  What existing competency can you leverage to have a conversation about the competencies needed for your team to increase the vigor of dialog?  To what new practice will you and each member of the team commit?

Click here to download a PDF of the article: Robust Conversation Map Horizontal that includes the robustness matrix.