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The word role derives from the French word rôle, meaning a part played by a person in life.  It refers to the roll of paper on which the actor’s script was written.  When we refer to roles, people most often think first of the role at work.  Commonly, we introduce ourself with our role at work:  Hi, I’m Sofia, I’m the Chief Financial Officer at … Continue reading Roles

Communication as Listener Centric

One of my most impressionable college courses was Group Communication.  I still have the book for the course, Effective Group Discussion, by John Brilhart, now faded, worn and dog-eared.  I have carried forward one concept from that course more than any other:  “Communication is a receiver phenomenon.”  Brilhart goes on to quote Richard Thayer paraphrasing the same idea:  “Communication always occurs in … Continue reading Communication as Listener Centric