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Inclusion as a Leadership Skill

The brain works fast.  It consciously can process about 40-50 pieces of information per second.  Wow!  Even more amazing, and potentially troubling, we unconsciously process 11 million bits of information in that same second.[i]  To survive this onslaught of raw data entering our own central processing unit, we create shortcuts and unconsciously exclude a lot most of it; we are better at … Continue reading Inclusion as a Leadership Skill

Interruptus Contageous

-Mark Haeussler, CEO “Quick question…”, spoken from someone standing at our office door.  The interruption seems innocuous.  But it is not.  The Latin root of the word interrupt is rupt, meaning to burst.  Thus, an interruption bursts our thinking.  It is an unseen contagion, and these cost us time and mental energy. A recent Harvard Business Review found that 40% of respondents were interrupted … Continue reading Interruptus Contageous


Leadership mostly is future- and growth-oriented.  At times, even regularly, executives also need to assess the organization’s survivability.  Sometimes events and environments conspire to create an immediate risk to the organization, and there is a responsibility to be prepared for such eventualities.  It also is incumbent on leaders to look at survivability over the long-term, before the organization drifts to … Continue reading Survivability