Leadership mostly is future- and growth-oriented.  At times, even regularly, executives also need to assess the organization’s survivability.  Sometimes events and environments conspire to create an immediate risk to the organization, and there is a responsibility to be prepared for such eventualities.  It also is incumbent on leaders to look at survivability over the long-term, before the organization drifts to … Continue reading Survivability


The word gratitude is from the Latin gratia, meaning grace or graciousness.  Definitions of grace include a simple elegance or refinement of movement, courtesy, poise, goodwill, acknowledgment, recognition, obligation, and gratefulness.  Leaders consume a lot of brainpower and physical endurance during the day.  Leaders may do some or all the following:  listening, discerning, reflecting, analyzing, imagining, decisioning, negotiating, visioning, … Continue reading Gratitude


Americans work hard.  In 2020, Americans worked 1,767 hours per year.  Other highly successful, economic powerhouse countries, work much less.  For example:  Austria 1400, Canada 1644, Germany 1332, Japan, 1598.  (Source:  OECD.stat).  While the American “work-ethic” often is a place of pride, one could wonder if working harder has drawbacks to success; after all, many countries, more than those listed above, find … Continue reading Virtuosity