Resiliency  -Mark Haeussler, CEO Resiliency is the ability to recognize, and effectively adapt to, significant or repeating adversity, stress, and tragedy.  When we encounter challenges and setbacks that push us beyond our customary level of resiliency, performance drops, unfavorable moods overtake and become unmanageable, and we encounter physical manifestations (sleeplessness, irritability, or fogginess, as examples).  Challenges that … Continue reading Resiliency

We Hate to Be Wrong

And that’s unfortunate. Making mistakes, accepting them, and moving forward to correct them is a leadership responsibility.  Self-identities based in always being right is a dead-end.  Seeking to be seen as flawless, only having valid thoughts, demonstrating logic, and making sound and well-grounded conclusions all the time will make you, and those around you, crazy. Mistakes often can … Continue reading We Hate to Be Wrong