We Hate to Be Wrong

And that’s unfortunate. Making mistakes, accepting them, and moving forward to correct them is a leadership responsibility.  Self-identities based in always being right is a dead-end.  Seeking to be seen as flawless, only having valid thoughts, demonstrating logic, and making sound and well-grounded conclusions all the time will make you, and those around you, crazy. Mistakes often can … Continue reading We Hate to Be Wrong

Mount Stupid

-Mark Haeussler, CEO Leaders – anyone – have the potential for moments of extraordinary brilliance, and moments of astonishing stupidity.  We like to be seen as smart, quick-learners, self-reflective, and humble.  Must of us cringe when we make mistakes (at least internally) – so much so, that our brains often cover them up.   Yes, humans are quite capable of … Continue reading Mount Stupid